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Welcome to the home page for the RV7A Project. My wife and I are building an airplane. The plane that we've selected is an RV-7A by Van's Aircraft. The plane is a two-place side-by-side seating 200HP (well, that depends on the engine you put in it) craft that is extremely popular with the home-building community. In fact, one of the main reasons we've elected to go with this plane is the sheer number of RV's that are built or in the process of being built. In addition, we've been quite pleased with the support networks that exist to help people build these planes.

We are currently working on the Empennage.

Van's also has an RV-10 which is a four place airplane. It is a beautiful craft and if I had twice the money (let's see, how much is twice no money?) I would really love to get it. 

The RV-8 is a two place tandem aircraft. My wife (and I) would MUCH prefer sitting side-by-side, so that fine airplane is not an option for us. 

We also looked at the RV-9 which is very similar to the plane we choose. The RV-9 is supposed to be easier to fly and land and it has a slower stall speed. We nearly went with the 9, the price is about the same. The main difference is the wing. The RV-7 wing is shorter and thicker than the RV-9 which makes the 7 more of an aerobatic plane. For that reason,  we decided on the RV-7. 

Anyway, I wanted to document the construction of the plane on these pages to:

  • Get a record and log of construction
  • Hopefully help someone that is trying to do what we are doing

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January 2005


This web site and the information contained within it are for entertainment purposes only. The opinions expressed on construction techniques are my opinions only and should not be confused with proper construction techniques. There is undoubtedly more than one way to build an airplane and some methods that I use may or may not work in any given circumstance. If there is any question please call the kit manufacturer. I love to help but I am not responsible for the misuse of any information contained on this web site.

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