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Here I've re-drilled all of the holes to #30, dimpled the skin and countersunk the E-612 tip. It's all in place now to attach. Time to mix up some epoxy.
I mixed the resin and hardener according to the instructions (1 pump each) and start mixing in the fairing filler. They say to make it like peanut butter. Once you get it to the point that it starts looking thick, if it still does this, it ain't thick enough.
This is more like it. It really takes quite a bit of filler.
Imagine you're about to spread this on bread with a little jelly!
Van's calls out on the plans to epoxy E-612 to E-714 over entire surface. So Start with that. Here's where I've got to work fast.
I carefully slid the tip over the counterweight. (Being careful not to wipe any of it off)
Install all of the clekos.
Now start riveting it into place.
Then I cover the whole thing with epoxy.
This fills in all of the imperfections in the gelcoat and also fills the crack between the tip and the skin. I don't bother cleaning the container or anything. When this stuff hardens it pops right out.

Enough for today, going to watch the ball drop. Happy New Year!