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I am really in need of something to do on this plane. I haven't ordered the wings... yet ...but I want to before the end of the year. SO I decided to start on the fiberglass tips and see how that goes. I chose to install the HS tips first because that's the piece of the plane that's currently sitting on the bench. I noticed that there is no holes in the HS to rivet the end pieces on. The plans give you a hint as to where these holes should go.
The ends themselves are way too big and need to be cut down. So I held one in place and made a mark with the BLUE sharpie. (just in case you're keeping track, Mark)
Assuming that the cut needs to be made perpendicular to the flange, I drew a line.
Ready to cut fiberglass.
Cuts very easy with my mini cutoff wheel in the dremel.
After the cut, I sanded it on a flat surface. Fits nice.
Now to cut out the alclad strips that get riveted into.
Checkoway used liquid nails for this. I had some Gorilla glue that claims to be the strongest glue on earth. OK, We'll see...

Here it is all clamped up.

Man, Gorilla glue is really something. It expands! Look at how it filled in behind the strip and expanded beyond the edge of aluminum. I like the look of this. I hope it holds as good as it looks!