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The plans call for clamping together E-718 and E-717 trim tab horn so that it can be used to match drill the rest of the holes in the trim tab skin (E-619PP-1-020). Some of the holes get pretty close to the edge of the trim tab. 
After drilling the holes I clecoed the trim tab spar E-607PP to the bottom of the skin. I clecoed from the inside so that I could back-rivet the spar to the skin. 
Insert rivets, cover with tape. 
You have to bend the skin out quite a bit to get the rivet gun in there, but it's definitely doable.
With the bottom of the spar in place, I lined up one half of the E-721 trim hinge per the dimensions on drawing 4. I then marked all of the holes with a sharpie and drilled them with a #40 drill on the drill press.
Cleco the top skin to the spar and hinge, then start replacing clecos 1 by 1 with AN426AD3-4 rivets and squeeze then in.