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I decided that the problem I had with the trim tab was caused by the fact that the blocks that I made to clamp it to the table were not the same shape as the trim tab. So I went over to my former bosses house (Fred Turino) and used his radial arm saw to fashion a new set of blocks. I calculated what the shapes of the inclines had to be. I had to cut a double angle to get it right. First I set the arm of the saw to cut at 25°. I then set the blade to cut at a 3° angle for the first set of blocks. The resulting shape fits perfectly inside the trim for the smaller bend. 
Keeping the arm at 25° I changed the angle of the blade to 8° for the next cut. The result is a set of blocks that fits perfectly in the longer side of the trim tab.
I rounded the end to fit exactly in the bend of the trailing edge of the trim tab.
Here's my setup for clamping. The thing you MUST remember is to use the two sided carpet tape to hold the whole thing in place and keep it from moving. That's probably the most important thing you can do.
I then fashioned this 1 1/2" dowel to use to bend the tabs.
First I put the tape right on the bench.
Then I stuck a piece of tape on one side of the inside of the trim only. I didn't want to put it on both inside surfaces since it would be difficult to remove the block.
Then I stuck it onto the piece that's on the table.
I stuck one more piece of tape on the bottom of the top wedge.
Then I clamped it down tight. One of the problems I had before I fabricated these compound angle blocks is that when I would clamp the trim tab to the table, it would dent the top skin of the tab. with these new wedges, that doesn't happen. I then used the dowel and a dead blow hammer to make the bends. They turned out great. I was so happy that it come out. Especially the left elevator bend. I would have been beside myself if I wreaked that.
On to building the left elevator. Just following the steps in the book.
Attaching the skin. I even remembered to remove the blue plastic and to put the RTV at the ends of the stiffeners before sealing this thing up.
Skin riveted on, time for bed.