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I had a power failure last night so I couldn't update the site.

I finished rolling the leading edge of the elevator. The problem I have is that I never can seem to get the roll to go far enough. The overlapped edges never lay flat. I don't see anyone else having this problem but I can't see how, with a 3/4" iron pipe, you can get this curve any tighter. The result is that when you attach the left and right skins, it leaves this scallopy effect.

Even after you rivet it together, you can still see gaps where there are no rivets. My solution is to put more rivets in. The ones that are there are spaced 2 1/4" apart so twice as many half the distance shouldn't be a problem.
See? looks much better. I don't think there will be any problem with this. I mean, this isn't even going to show!