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My daughter Carolynn had a baby today, Jordan Henry King is my first grandchild.

Today I wanted to make a tool to install the heim joints for the elevators. I saw this tool referenced on Jim Smith's RV7 website and it seemed to do the job very well. You start by getting 12" of 1/2" PVC pipe, a coupler, a tee and two end caps. 

You need to cut a slot into the end of the PVC pipe. Although I didn't do this, it would actually be better if you start by cutting the PVC pipe into 4 3" pieces before you start. then you can cut the slot into one end of one of the 3" pieces. As with everything involving measurement around a tube, the best way to get the measurement done is to use a piece of paper, wrapped around the pipe and marked at the overlap. That way, all of your measurement can be done on a flat piece of paper. 
Get your marks where you want them and draw reference lines down both sides where the cuts are to be made. Drill a hole about 1 1/2" - 2" from one end.
Carefully cut out the notch. The more accurate you can be at this step, the less effort will be required to clean up the tool. 
Clean it up with a file
Glue it into the coupler.
I stuck a pen the just fit in after it to keep the sides pressed against the coupler.
Once the glue is completely dry, cut off the slotted pipe flush with the surface of the coupler.
If you started out making 3" pieces, you would have an easier time here.
This is what you are making. After this I installed the two end caps.
And, of course, I had to paint it. Gold is the only color in a spray can that we had.
Heim joint fits nice and snug.