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Before I could prime the parts, I needed to resolve the issue of how to install the ES-MSTS-8A servo for the trim. I knew that it connected to the E-616PP trim cover plate but it wasn't obvious to me how to do it. There are no instructions (that I can find) and the only reference to it at all is on drawing 4. After searching the drawing for quite some time, I found the dimensions. First I drew a line that was 3/8" from the forward edge of E-616PP.
And then I drew another line that was 1 3/8" from the outboard side of E-616PP. This is where the inboard edge of EET-602B-L Z-channel servo support goes. 
Next I marked where the holes go. I clamped EET-602B-L to E-616PP with a spring clamp and match drilled the holes.
Put clecos in the holes and then attached ES-MSTS-8A servo.
Then I clecoed the other Z channel (EET-602B-R) to the servo and clamped it to the trim cover plate with a spring clamp.
Removing everything except EET-602B-R, I match drilled those holes. I then noticed that the Z Channel's flange overhung the slot for the push rod. Although I didn't think it would interfere with anything, I wanted to clean it up.
So I filed a larger radius on that side of the flange.
The other thing I noticed is that there is not much clearance between EET-602B-L/R and the servo on the aft end. It looks as though if I dimple the Z Channel at that spot, it will interfere with the servo. For this reason, I decided to countersink the access plate in the two aft holes and dimple the other four. 
Long story short, here's everything all primed. I think that that is the last priming I'll do on the empennage.
Another shot of everything. This is both the left and right elevators. I also primed the trim hinge.
While riveting together the right elevator, I came to a spot in the plans that calls for installing two rivets in E-701-R to E-713 on the top and two on the bottom to avoid the necessity of using blind rivets. The trouble is, it don't say WHICH two rivets. Well, after looking at it for a while I realized that it can only be these two.
OK, this is as far as I can go. I forgot that I need RTV to finish the elevators. I remembered just as I was about to rivet it together.
By the way, I made this bucking bar out of a crow bar and the leather from the handle of an old tennis racket. It works really well.