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Deburred and fluted, I Attached E-704 to E-703.
Then I went and found one of those lead weights (E-714) and the E-713 counterbalance skin.
Clecoed the thing together like this.
Now I need to #12 drill out those two holes in the end.
I started them with the hand drill.
But I finished drilling the lead with the drill press
Now I put the thing back together without the lead.
Clecoed the assembly to the E-702 spar.
And now I'm attaching the E-709 root rib.

Be careful when you do this step, the instructions say to drill #40 E-702 to E-709. I almost drilled it with a #30 since that's what I'm used to. These two parts will be riveted together with the same rivets that hold the skin on.

This is why flush rivets are used in the attachment of E-709 to E-702, this elevator horn goes right over the top of it.
Final drill the skins
E-714 countersunk, E-713 dimpled.
It says to countersink these holes so I'm doing that with the deburring tool. It worked really well, I kept stopping and sticking a rivet in the hole until it was flush.