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 Jim Diehl was kind enough to send me this picture of an INCORRECT HS-710 which, unfortunately for him, came in his kit. I added a similar picture of mine so you can compare.  

When you are building an airplane, one of the things you need to tell your friends is to be on the lookout for any piece of steel that they can find. My friend John Squelch was busting up some pallets when he came across this piece.

8 1/2" x 6" x 3/4" it's almost perfect for mounting in the bench as a back riveting plate. I'm going to take it over to Irv's house and cut the two holes off of it and then mount it in the bench.

Look at that. Cleans up real nice!
Today is the day to bend the trailing edges of the elevators. I went to the Home Desperate and bought a 2x8x8' and had them cut it into a 50" piece and a 46" piece. I bought three door hinges as well.
Now I think that the important thing here is to make sure that when this thing is closed, there is no gap. So I clamped it together before I installed the hinges.
When I bought the door hinges, it didn't occur to me that they would be bigger than the 2x8. Consequently I had to drill new holes in them for the center screws. I also had to chisel out some of the wood from behind the hinge so that it would lay flat. One benefit of having the hinge overlap the edge like that is the thing doesn't slide around when you are bending the edge since the hinge overlap catches the edge of the workbench. Yeah, I planned it that way.
Well, here goes nothing. Time to see what kind of an effort this will be.
More of an effort than I expected. I am actually being very careful about how much weight (I've got plenty) I'm applying here despite how it appears.
The instructions in section 5 say that the plans specify how much of a radius you should bend the final edge to. Well, if the plans say that, I couldn't find it. So I made sure that the final bend produced a radius that fit around the E-612 fiberglass tip. The bend came out pretty good, I thought.

I did the same thing on the other elevator, but didn't take any pictures.

After bending the elevators, you start on assembling the right elevator. First you cleco the E-610PP and E-611PP spar reinforcement plates to the E-702 spar. 
These two plates need to be matched drilled.
First, drill one hole...
And then another... What? too much detail? oh, sorry
Now time to flute some ribs. Except that Kathryn has a concert tonight. She is playing the violin with the Elementary School Orchestra and I can't miss that.