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Today I got the elevator stiffeners all primed. The weather this morning was pretty good. It wasn't real warm, but the sun was out. It was probably about 50°. Since I'm on vacation for 2 weeks, I hope to get some real work done on this plane. 

By the time I mixed up the paint and let it sit for 30 minutes, the clouds moved in. Consequently it seemed much colder. I shot the paint anyway and brought everything inside as soon as I could.

I started with the right elevator. Time to put a rivet in every one of the dimpled holes. Wait, Kathryn's good at this.
See, she likes doing it too.
Tape it up, flip it over and install the stiffeners.
I can see why they want you to back rivet these things before you crease the edge. Afterwards, you'd never be able to get to them.
Is it straight?
Checking her handiwork.
The next step is to crease the trailing edge. For that I need to buy some 2x8's and some door hinges.
Documenting the removal of the inside blue plastic.
Too cool not to take a picture of.