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I had a bunch of stuff to do today for work. Working on a Sunday is never my idea of fun but when it keeps me from working on the plane, it's worse. SO here I am at 9:00 at night just getting a little time in (about 45 minutes).

Lizzie's cousin Jerome was up from Elmira and spent last evening. He and his nephew Andrew came up to go to the football game. The Bills played the Jets today and the Bills won so Andrew was happy. I guess Jerome was pulling for the Jets.

I decided to dimple the right elevator skin since it wasn't a huge job and I could do it fairly well on my own. 

The C-Frame doesn't fit all the way up to the bent trailing edge of the elevator (unless up force it, which I didn't want to do) so in this case you use the close-quarters dimpler.

It's a pair of flat dimple dies with a mandrel shoved through the middle.

You put the female die on the inside and stick the mandrel through the hole.
Then you stick the male die on the other end and shove the blind rivet puller on.
One squeeze of the rivet puller.
There you go, nice dimple.
So now I have the left and right elevators ready to have the primed stiffeners riveted on.
Except for the fact that they're not primed. It was still too windy. Perhaps tomorrow.