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I've removed the plastic from the outside of the right elevator and am now ready to deburr.
Kathryn showed up and grabbed the deburring tool away from me. I'm glad she did, she does this better than me. With .016 alclad you need a light touch with the deburring tool.
Once we got to the inside of the skin, she allowed me to help with the other deburring tool. It works better in tight spots, like the trailing edge fold of the elevators. The glass block is there to hold up the one side while we deburr.

Once we finished, we set up the C-Frame dimpler to dimple the skins, but Mom called Kathryn to bed so I called it quits as well. I want to get these elevators done to the point where I have to pro-seal the ends of the stiffeners. Then I will do the rudder and the elevators at the same time.

Thinking about when I'm going to be able to purchase the wings...