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I really want to get this rudder done so since I have the Pro-Seal, (Actually had it for a few days) I'll get back to it. One of the things that I noticed when the rudder was all clecoed together was that the trailing edge skins were not tight up against the R-916 trailing edge piece. 
My speculation was that when I primed it, the layer of prime in the countersunk holes of R-916 was giving it just enough extra thickness to cause the space. After rejecting the idea of setting up the micro-stop countersink to clean out the holes, I came across a far simpler method.
The Avery deburring tool cleaned the holes out very quickly. Now the trailing edge has no more gap. 
This is the Pro-Seal I got. Evidently, the plunger handle contains the catalyst. The idea is to shove the plunger in at the same rate that you shove the other plunger into the end which expels some of the dark brown hardener into the goop. Then you work the plunger back and forth about 50 times to mix it all up.

This'll be interesting. Hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow.