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I said yesterday that these nutplates were rather small, well, here they are. They don't seem to be big enough to dimple. I checked a couple of web sites and it seems that there are two methods for installing these. One is to countersink the reinforcement plate instead of dimpling and then installing the rivet. The other is to dimple. I decided to dimple.
You can see that there is not much to dimple here.
It turns out with a very small indentation. Tom Zelie (my tech counselor) suggested that I countersink the nutplate. 
What I found was that a combination of dimpling and countersinking seems to do the best job. Since the nutplate is dimpled slightly, it doesn't cause a knife edge in the hole when you countersink. 
But the deburring tool takes out enough to make the nutplate sit relatively flat against the reinforcement plate. 

That's it for tonight, I'm off to a Halloween party.