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Got a good hour in today. I know that may not sound like much, but this week's been crazy at work and at home so my time working on the plane has been limited. And now tomorrow I have Jury Duty. 

Well, yesterday I said I was going to match drill the stiffeners and that's what I did. I started with the trim access reinforcement plate. 

OK, SO I match drilled all of the holes through the skin, that leaves these holes. These are used to attach nut plates to hold on the access panel for the trim. Since the panel has to sit flush in the hole, it only makes sense that of each group of 3 holes that are circled, the outer two have to be dimpled. On the drawing it shows that they take AN426AD3-3.5 rivets so it does make sense. The nut plates that it takes are kind of small and don't look like they are easily dimpled. Tomorrow, (after Jury Duty) I will look around on the net and see what folks are doing about this. For now, I'm leaving them un-dimpled.
I'll bet you've seen me do this before. This squeezer it great. It's called the Main Squeeze from Cleavelend Tool. Get one.
After one hour, Here's what I got. Tomorrow, I'll take the plastic off of the outside of the elevator skins and deburr and dimple them. That is, unless Irv comes over. Then we are going to pro-seal the rudder and finish that off and the elevators will have to wait. (Hold the Elevator!) sorry.