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Today I made some life-sized instruments (about $40,000 worth) and made a mock-up of the instrument panel. A couple of Blue Mountain EFIS-1's, a couple Garmin 430's, Garmin transponder, Tru-track autopilot, stuff like that. Not that this will be MY panel unless Regis calls me. 
Here I am with KK going for a little ride. 
Kathryn wanted to try some yankin' and bankin'
Hmmm, maybe I should get this thing built. 

Here I am, filing down the stiffeners again. Just wait, Randy, You'll get to this point soon enough. Unless you're working overtime down there at LANL. (hee hee)

About time for a new one of these scotchbrite thingys. 
Not much to show for today. Only two more stiffeners. Had regular choir practice at the church tonight so once again, I didn't have much time. 

Tomorrow's Friday so I think I'll be able to get more done. I'm waiting for the Proseal to come in from Van's so I can finish the rudder. I finally did get the email confirmation from them so hopefully I'll get it soon.