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Today Liz and I riveted the counterbalance skin (R-913) to the rib (R-912). This is riveted first in order to allow you to install the counterweight. I had a problem installing the weight after riveting, however, due to the fact that the shop rivet heads on the inside get in the way of the lead. I had to remove some of the lead with a file to get it to sit flat on the surface of R-912.
Another problem I had was that the R-915D stiffener rubbed against the R-607PP reinforcement plate. I made a mark with a black sharpie to show where material had to be removed. Both the left and right stiffeners were affected. I remove the material with a file making sure to not create any inside corners. 
Here are the left and right R-901 skins clecoed on. The next step is to fabricate the trailing edge. For this I need some proseal which I have yet to purchase. I also need a piece of material that's completely straight, like angle iron or something. I need to clamp the edge straight while the proseal hardens. While I'm waiting for all of this, I think I'll start on the elevators.