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Today I am driving my family to Binghamton, NY to attend a wedding of Liz's cousin. I got up early just so I could build SOMETHING.

I riveted on the R-912 counterbalance rib. This was done with AN470AD4-4 rivets although I couldn't find the callout on the drawing for it.

I wonder how many builders miss this. The plans say to locally bevel  the outside edge of R-913 to smooth the transition of R-901 as it runs off of R-913. However, the instructions don't mention it. It's called out in the upper left corner of DWG 7
This went on a lot easier this time. I started clecoing the skin to the rib from the forward two clecos and worked my way back. Yes a cleco in every hole is overkill. I just have to remember not to rivet the skin to the spar.

Sure wish I had a 4" yoke for the squeezer. Jim Smith says that he was glad he had one for the rudder and I'm sure this was one place where he used it.

Well, see ya tomorrow.