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Today I got the rudder understructure painted. I hurried home from work and had to get it painted before I went to choir practice. When I got home I found it was more complicated than that. Liz told me that since she was going out with her girlfriend at 6:00 I had to pick up the kids at 5:45. Good Grief! I had just mixed up a batch of primer and now this.

The AKZO primer that I use needs to sit for 30 minutes after you mix it so it can do its chemical thing. That gave me about 5 minutes to spray, go and get the kids, come back, turn the parts over, spray them then choir practice.

Here they are, all ready for the first run.

OK, Now they're painted, time to go and get the kids. I'll be right back.
OK, Back again. The parts are dry enough to touch. I usually tell that by touching the screen. So I turn them over and shoot them again. I', getting pretty good at estimating how much paint I'll need and this time I made what I thought would be a little extra. Turned out to be just that.

Here they are again, all painted on the other side.

It was starting to get a little bit cold again, so I carefully brought the parts back into the shop. I'm not sure, but I don't think epoxy likes curing in cold weather.

So here they are, all back downstairs, sitting on 3 nails each.