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Went to the EAA Chapter 46 meeting tonight right after work. Couldn't miss this one. It was the end-of-the-season picnic. $4 chicken dinner, can't beat that. Except I didn't have $4 on me so Irv covered me. Thanks Irv.

When I got home it was warm enough outside to paint (probably about 55°) but it was a little late. It was about 8:00 and pretty dark. I decided to hold off for another day and hopefully get it done tomorrow. To stick with my policy of doing SOMETHING every day, I decided to dimple the remaining holes in the skins to get ready for the skeleton. Since the two skins are hanging up, I thought it would be good if I could dimple them without taking them down. Seems easy enough, but when you try, they move so easy it's tough to get the little pin in the die to go in the hole.

That's when KK came down. "Dad, is there anything I can do?" The seven best words any RV builder can hear, unless you don't have kids, then they could come as quite a shock.

So Kathryn held it steady, and I dimpled. It all went like clockwork. Thanks KK!

Only spent 1/2 hour tonight, but I did SOMETHING