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Today when I got home from work, I wanted to get the rudder skeleton all primed. I borrowed the spray gun from Irv again and I was all set. By the time I started it was about 6:00PM and things are starting to get cold. It never got very warm today, only about 65° tops. I decided I needed to work fast if I were going to get everything done before it got dark. 

Look familiar? Here I am again, all set up to do painting.

I never got to it. It just got too cold. The temp outside was about 45° when I get all of the metal prep and alodining done. I wasn't going to spray any primer in that cold. Besides, I needed everything to dry completely and that just wasn't happening outside. So I brought it all back in to the shop and put it on the bench. At least it's warm down there. I'm right next to the furnace!

I'll try again tomorrow. Although, tomorrow I want to go to the EAA meeting. We'll see...