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I did a hole bunch of deburring, dimpling and smoothing of parts today, and this is the result. These are the parts that need priming. (listed here for searching purposes) R-902, R-904, R-606PP, R-607PP, R-608PP, R-918, R-405PP, R-903, R-912, R-915, R-917, R-710.
The last part that needs finishing (countersinking, actually) is R-916, the rudder trailing edge. This thing needs to be countersunk on each side. It's a very thin piece of aluminum so you need to be careful about how deep the countersink is. I tested a few depths on a scrap piece of aluminum to see at what depth I need to set the Micro-Stop countersink. It turns out that the middle one was perfect. 
Since the trailing edge is beveled I needed a way to hold it at the correct angle so that the top is flat. I cut this piece of wood on the table saw to the same angle as the trailing edge.
Then I clamp it in the drill press vice so that there is a small lip to rest the trailing edge on. I bolt the vice to the bed of the drill press so that the whole thing is solid.
Now, when I place the trailing edge on top of the wood, it is very easy to keep it in the right place at the correct angle.
Same countersink, every time.