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Since I am making such good progress, Liz was starting to become concerned about the number of pieces that are piling up. She told me to do something with them. Honestly, we have a small house with 3 children in it. That means that there is not much room for airplane parts. I couldn't just leave them lying about.  Still she wanted me to decide where to store the pieces.

Anyway, back to the rudder, I've finished preparing all of the stiffeners. Now I need to match drill the skins (R-901) to the stiffeners.

Kathryn's got the cutest dimples.
Kathryn is deburring the stiffeners and I an removing the plastic getting ready to deburr the skin. Kathryn would deburr a stiffener, then take it over to the dimpler and dimple it. She was making real good progress all on her own.
Well, Kathryn is deburring the skin. I' setting up the dimpler. I should keep track of her hours on the plane. Maybe not. If she gets more hours than me I may not get the repairman's certificate.
One side done and hanging up to dry...