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I was working on my brakes after work (No not the RV's brakes - that would have been NICE) so I didn't get to the plane stuff until late. I'm still working on the rudder stiffeners filing them all by hand since I don't have a disk sander.  
I don't know whether you knew or not, but my shop is very small. Only about 10 X 20. Because of that, any space I can get is very helpful. I decided to hang the rudder skins and cleco the stiffeners to them as I get them done. This saved me a ton of room.
I just hung them from the floor joists with soft wire.
Once I got the stiffeners (R-915 I think) filed into an acceptable shape, I used the scotchbrite wheel to finish them off.
That's it, 6 more to go. Bye!