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Today is the day to complete the VS. I Started by clecoing the VS-801PP skin back on to the riveted front spar assembly. 
As they used to say in the days of old. "If ye can squeezeth thy rivet, squeezeth it!". I actually violated this rule a couple of times in the past few days. Much to my chagrin. I smiled a couple of rivets in the process.
Kathryn the Great showed up so now we're really making progress. Here she is installing rivets for me to shoot.
Once we have the row of rivets shot, out come the clecos so we can do the rest.
OK, Dad. I think I'll take this plastic out now. If you don't mind.
The rear spar assemblage is now in position, ready for a little squeeze. KK put's 'em in...
...An' I squeeze.
Here's Tom with the completed VS.  Yaaa HOOOOO!!!!
There's the tail to a airplane in my living room......
I think I'll make Kathryn hold this for a few hours while I look at it... You don't mind, Do you KK?