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Today I want to get the skin all prepared and maybe the rear spar built. I start by removing the plastic over the holes with the soldering iron trick.  VS-801PP
Since the holes have all been match drilled, they need to be deburred. Both sides.
I dimple around the edges with the squeezer in a vise. I should really look into that table mounted deal that Jim Smith has.
I had to change my shirt. I wasn't supposed to be plane building in my good clothes. This is a shirt that Molly got me. She doesn't like to stick her neck out making outrageous claims. Quite a compliment, don't you think?
Anyway, back to dimpling. Using the C-Frame for the stuff in the middle.
The best way to smooth the edge is with a small file. Run it along the edge a few times and you're done.
With the skin all prepared, it's on to the spar. First, cleco it all together. VS-803PP, VS_808PP, VS-412PP, VS-411PP and VS-410PP
Now, rivet it with those big rivets.
That's it for today.