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This morning I wanted to get to the point of getting all of the understructure primed. There was actually quite a bit to do to get there. 

First I had to match drill all of the holes thru the skin (VS-801PP). The way I insure that no hole gets skipped is by first drilling all of the holes that are right next to a cleco, then moving all of the clecos over one hole to the newly drilled hole and that drilling all of the rest of the holes. With this method, you never miss any holes and you never do holes more than once. 

Now mark the orientation of VS-412PP, VS-411PP and the plans say VS-803PP but I think they mean to say VS-808PP. VS-803 is the spar and it would be kind of difficult getting the orientation wrong on that. So I marked the top hinge bracket with a "T".
Since VS-808PP gets primed and any mark you make on it will get painted over, I made a small center punch mark with a nail. After that I realized that the bottom 24 holes on this thing get counter sunk, so it would be hard to get this back together wrong.
Kathryn wanted to try out the new deburring tool from Avery.
Now, here's how you get stuff done. Kathryn deburring and me dimpling. What a team!
Here's what I meant about VS-808PP. You have to countersink the spar doubler so that the dimpled holes from VS-803PP fit in. 
Which means, of course that you have to dimple the holes in VS-803PP.
After everything is dimpled and countersunk and prepared. Time to Prime.
Clean everything with my bucket of soap.
Then Metal-prep it. 
and Primed. At least on one side. They still need to be flipped and shot again at this point.
After everything was painted, I brought it back into the house as soon as I could. I put three nails under the parts so that the flanges rested on them.