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Lightening holes all prepared. VS-808PP has a slight bend to it (don't know if that's typical or not) but when it's attached to VS-803PP there seems to be no problem with it.
Finishing off the edges of the spar with a file.
I like to go over the entire spar with the scotchbrite wheel. I think this will assure a really good anchor for the primer.
This is the spar doubler cleckoed to the spar. Like I said, the spar doubler has a slight bend to it until you attach it to the spar. I really like the look of brushed aluminum. Too bad all of this stuff is going to get primer.
For some reason, the end of VS-702 Front Spar has a corner that's not radiused.
SO I filed one in.
Drill out all of the hinge brackets (VS-410PP, VS-411PP and VS-412PP) to a #30 drill. Also match drill all of the spar doubler holes to #30.
All of the Rib to Spar holes also have to be #30.
Time to cleco on the skin (VS-801PP). That means it time to remove plastic again.
Supposedly, it's easier to start clecoing from the front edge of the VS so I place the understructure into the skin and flip it over.
All clecoed together. Time to quit for the day. Liz wants to go Dancing.