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Irv was looking over my site today whilst I was basking in the glow of another fine evening of major  accomplishment on the RV. When Irv says, "Bill, Did you take the plastic off the inside of the skin?" 

Yikes! No I didn't!

So I spent the rest of the day at work worrying about how I was going to do that with the least amount of consternation. Fortunately, when I got home, I realized that I had a skinny-armed plastic puller (Kathryn) so I commandeered her services. As you can see, she could easily get to the aft pieces.  

This bit was a little trickier but she was able to peel it all off in a relatively short time. 
I had to drill out the two AN470AD4-4's that connected HS-708 (shown on the chair) with the HS-702 front spar. Kathryn still had quite a time getting the plastic out. She was able to use a broom handle to finally coax it out. Then she helped me cleco it all up and put the two rivets back and Voila! Nobody will ever know.
I decided to try and salvage the mushroom set by taking one of Irv's suggestions and removing some of the rubber so that there is no gap between the head and the rivet. 
It actually worked so well that I was able to finish riveting. I had originally planned to wait for Liz to get home from work. But this is working so well I decided to do as much as I could. 
If you can squeeze, squeeze.
There it is, all riveted. Looks great, don't you think?
Now for the right side. The first thing is to rivet HS-707 to the top side. (don't forget to remove the plastic this time)
Now, cleco in HS-706 (don't forget to remove the plastic) and temporarily install HS-708. (don't forget to remove the plastic)
You know, now would be a good time to remove the plastic. I only removed it from the foreword side and left the aft ones in. Not only does that protect the aft portion of the inside of the skin, but it gives me something to forget to remove later on.
Now cleco the front spar on
Pop-rivet HS-708 into place
And tomorrow, do the rivets! Man I can't believe how big the thing is. This crummy picture doesn't do it justice.
I really like this color.