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Got a new tool today. Tom Zelie told me to get one of these. It's a deburring tool from Avery. Note the poor quality of the photos. Yes friends, we're back to the old camera. I've got to have Irv over more often.
My first task today was to put together the rear spar. (HS-603PP)
The first thing you do is tape off the holes that you don't want to rivet into. 
I clecoed the HS-609PP rear spar reinforcement bars to the rear spar channel. I used lots of clecos because I wanted to hold the bar on there real tight while I squeezed the rivets. 
Kathryn is installing the rivets and I squeeze them. Here she is making sure that she doesn't put one where there is tape. 
Sometimes, she couldn't press them in. I think it was because of the primer. When that happened, she took a block of wood so she could push harder.
After all of that, it was time to install HS-413PP and HS-412PP Hinge Brackets. I clecoed them in while Kathryn figured out what rivets she had to use. She's starting to get stuff like that right off of the drawing instead of asking me.
The plans call for AN470AD4-5 rivets for the HS-413PP hinge bracket. The yellow arrow is pointing at how far a -5 rivet sticks out. It seemed to me that the -4 rivet was a better fit (red arrow) so that's what I used.
Kathryn's job was removing clecos and installing rivets. All I had to do was squeeze them.
Here is the rear spar all constructed. As fun as priming these parts was, it was nothing compared to actually assembling them. This plane rocks!
Once the rear spar is constructed, it's on to the front spar. I started by clecoing it together.
At this point, the plans say, "rivet HS-710 and HS-714 to the HS-702 front spar and don't forget to use flush rivets in the middle. There is no mention of the fact that you have to skip the rivets that will eventually connect HS-404 and HS-405 to the front spar. So make sure you skip those holes.
After installing HS-710 and HS-714, You need to rivet HS-404 and HS-405 in place. Here is a picture of it all done.
It looks real nice, if I do say so myself. By the way, that empty hole is not unintentional. The plans call out for 4 holes to be enlarged in assembly with fuselage. So I'm leaving them alone until then.

Enough for today, see you tomorrow.