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I built this painting table today out of 1x2 stock and "Hardware Cloth". I went to the Home Depot looking for chicken wire. Right next to the chicken wire was this 3x5 roll of hardware cloth. So I thought, "chicken wire? not gonna be nuthin chicken about THIS airplane". So I bought the "Hardware Cloth". It's actually a 1/2" wire mesh.
The first step was to degrease the parts. I did this with Palmolive antibacterial dish washing soap. I wanted to make sure that there were no bacteria on the parts. I wouldn't want to get pneumonia while I was flying the plane.
Hosing off the soap.
The next step was to Metal prep. I got no pictures of it but what I used can be found here. The parts shown below are after the metal prep. You dilute it with water, spray it on and scrub it with a scotchbrite pad. Then rinse that off after about 2 minutes. The water no longer beads up on the metal, that's how you know it's done. If it still beads up, rinse, repeat.
Here I am applying the alodine. Everyone talks about how it turns it a nice golden color. Well, maybe a little, The most color I saw was green.
These are the alodined parts back in the shop. Next step is paint which will hopefully be applied tomorrow. Until then, NOBODY TOUCH!