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I went to my son's open house at school tonight. Didn't get back until well after 9:00. Worked until about 11:30.

Now that both the left and right horizontal stabilizers are "constructed", time to take them all apart. I found that if you remove the clecos from the leading edge and work backwards to the trailing edge leaving three clecos along the trailing edges of both the top and bottom, and then remove the trailing edge clecos on one side while holding everything, it's not as difficult as removing the leading edge clecos last. This is because the skin wants to flex back into its original shape and it has a lot of leverage along the leading edge which makes it difficult to remove clecos.

Make sure that everything is marked before you take it all apart. The only things I needed to mark were the spars and the skins.
all taken apart. This would be a good time to clean the table. There are quite a few burrs on it.
Now that it's all taken apart, deburr all of the holes. I elected to start with the skins. I have this little hand operated deburring tool from Cleaveland Tool. But it's really hard to work it on hundreds of holes.
Putting it in a small hand operated drill helps a lot. You have to maintain a very light touch.