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Well, the spray gun came today and I was a little shocked. I was looking all over it to find the air hose attachment. I mean, literally looking for about 5 minutes. I'm thinking "Did they forget? Maybe that's why it only costs $8". I looked at the instruction manual which was printed so poorly that I couldn't even tell if it was in English or not. They did have a diagram of how to hook it up. The trouble was, They had it hooked up to the SHOP VAC! That's right, this spray gun is a vacuum cleaner attachment!
Now, does this look dorky or what. I can't believe that this works. If I had more time I would test it out but as it is, the Technical Counselor is coming over at 7:00 and I wanted to clean things up a little before he gets here. 
Tom Zelie came over and looked over the project so far. He seemed pretty satisfied with what I was doing. He gave me some hints about deburring and what tools I should get. (more tools) He filled out an EAA Technical Counselor Visit Report that gets filed with the EAA. It basically gives my name, what plane I'm working on, the N Number and I sign it. Tom says that it can make getting insurance easier. It's nice to have someone with as much experience so close by. Tom offered to help if I ever need it (which I'm sure I will)
I got an email from Jim Diehl who lives in PA roughly 150 miles from me. He is also building an RV-7A. He sent me this picture of IPT airport in Williamsport. This will give you an idea of the kind of weather we've been having here in the northeast. I'm not sure what caused all of this flooding. Jim said that it happened last Sunday but I forgot which one of the many storms would have been responsible. I think Floyd was longer ago than that. Jim says that the FBO wasn't flooded but it was close. 
Here you go, proof that Liz is helping me with this plane. This isn't the first picture that I've taken of her helping, but it is the first one that she would let me use.