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Two new tools today, I got the Main Squeeze from Cleaveland Tool
And I got the Swivel Mushroom Rivet Set
Now on the the actual work done.

I had a pretty good day. Yesterday I finished the reinforcement angles, well at least I cut the tapers into them. Here they are after scotchbrighting them.
Now I have to put the 6° bend in them. For this, I clecoed them back to the spar so I could easily find the center point from which to measure 5 3/16". Then I mark the bend line on the HS-710 and HS-714 reinforcement angle

(update 11/18/2004) when you get to this step, make sure that the bend line is touching the flange on HS-710. there were a number of empennage kits that went out with the wrong part here. Jim Diehl was kind enough to send me this picture of an INCORRECT Part which, unfortunately for him, came in his kit. 

Then I clamped it into the vice between wooden blocks (per the instructions) and held up my 6° guide for reference. I wanted to get a good idea of where to stop bending.
After 3 fairly good hits with the hammer, the part was overbent by about 1° so I just yanked it back until it lined up perfectly. I know this picture looks like it's not lined up, but that is because of the taper in the end of the part. It actually lined up exactly.
I used the same technique on the other 3 bends and here's the result.
Now I had to cut the relief notch in the HS-702 front spar channel. I did this by first locating the bend line.
Then cutting the flange at the bend line with the snips.
Then, using the hand seamer, I bent the flange so that it was flat with the back of the spar.
Then I used the snips to cut off the two tabs.
Then I drew in the relief notches with a pen.
Using a rattail file I filed the notch into the HS-702.
Once I got rid of all of the rough edges, I polished the spar end with a scotchbrite pad
Finished notches. Tomorrow I'll bend the spars.