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The rear spar is now ready for paint so I took it all apart and stored it. The front spar is next. About the only thing I did last time I had it together was to taper one end of HS-714.
But before I do that, I bought some brushes to paint some Polyurethane finish on the tool box. Here are the drawers
The instructions say that you need to drill out the holes on the inboard side if the HS-404/HS-405 rib attach points. Well, there are 20 holes (counting the clecoed ones) and only the clecoed ones are drilled thru the spar. You have to drill them right thru the spar. I used a #30 drill since AN470AD4 rivets are used. On the plans it calls out that 4 of these holes are "Enlarged 3/16 in assembly with fuselage". I'm assuming that you don't do this now so I'm leaving them at #30
After that, I took the spar reinforcement angles back of to cut the tapers into them. It was simply a matter of drawing the cut lines on the part.
Roughing the taper in with a hacksaw.
Here it is all cut.
Finishing it off with a file
Polishing it with a scotchbright wheel in the drillpress
And that's it. Now to do the other one then I'm calling it a day.