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Got back to working on the rear spar now that I have the tools. The first thing I needed to do was to re-drill all of the holes with a #30 drill. The 1/8 drill I used was too small for the 1/8 rivets (duh). A #30 drill is .128 and that extra .003 makes all the difference.
I Drilled and clecoed HS-412 and HS-413 hinge brackets to the spar. These also call for a #30 drill.
Now I re-drilled the HS-411 thing that I messed up last time. This time I was VERY CAREFUL to follow the directions and guess what, it worked!
Since HS-411 turned out so well, Liz and I decided to rivet it. Since I don't have my squeezer yet she used the gun and I bucked. It turned out Real Nice! Here is the obligatory photo of HS-411