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I finished sanding and staining the toolbox today. I also got some new felt for the drawers. Irv and I went to Jo-Ann fabrics to get the felt. Funny thing about two guys walking into Jo-Ann. The women at the store act like they've never seen men in the store before and start treating you like you're lost. When I asked about where the felt was the woman told me and when I came back with it she said "You Found It! Who said men couldn't follow directions!"
On a different note, I got the primer/metal prep/alodine today. The two part epoxy primer came in 2 one-gallon cans and I can't believe how badly the cans are damaged. I was surprised that the stuff didn't leak out.
I'm going to see if I can get some empty paint cans from someplace. Once I open these cans, I'm not 100% sure that they'll close again.