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Today Liz and I got up at 4:30AM so that we could meet Irv and drive his new truck 150 miles to Oswego, NY to attend the annual RV Builder's Forum. The plan was to get there by 8:00 to be in time for breakfast. All of the meals were included in the $45.00 registration fee so we wanted to get all we could out of the experience. It turned out to be such a beautiful day that I was regretting the fact that I didn't rent a plane and fly there. As it turned out, however, Oswego was pretty fogged in with about 200' ceilings so a lot of the planes didn't even get to land until about 9:30. 

The day started with a talk about riveting. We were most interested in this forum since we are just starting and haven't even driven 1 rivet yet. We got lots of helpful little hints like "release the trigger of the rivet gun and then pull it away from the rivet to prevent smiles" and "The rivet gun wins the pushing contest" and "Always use a swivel mushroom set for flush riveting because you're not that good". Stuff like that.

There also was a very good talk on wiring your RV. Another talk on painting and one on First Flights. 

Liz and I sat in the RV-7 factory demonstrator to get an idea of how much room there is. Since we are both Cessna pilots we were PLEASANTLY SURPRISED.

We also got to ride in Jim Pickrell's RV-8. That plane is GORGEOUS!

The only bad part of the trip was that I forgot to bring my camera and Irv forgot to bring his camera so there are NO PICTURES.