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Today I cut the angles into one end of HS-714. Here it is after I've finished it (Once again, I forgot to take pictures) Anyway, I'll document what I did to get it like this when I do the other side.
I deburred the other front spar. I start by clamping the spar to the edge of the bench. Then I run also the edge with a vixen file until the entire edge feels absolutely smooth. This is a pic of the front spar clamped to the bench.
I also picked up a regulator and miscellaneous fittings for the air compressor. I need the regulator because one of these days I'm going to move the compressor into the garage and I want to run a pipe down to the basement with compressed air. The regulator is for the basement end of the pipe (of course). That way, I can continue to build in the basement and do all of the painting/priming in the garage.
Anyway, Here is a picture of the regulator
I installed a quick-disconnect on the compressor. Here it is, nicely documented for posterity
I also ordered the primer/metal prep/alodine from Aircraft Spruce. I decided to go the same route as Dan Checkoway even though a lot of people tell me that alodine isn't necessary. ok Ok OK !!! I believe you! I'm still using it.