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You have to round off the ends of the reinforcement bars. The way I did this was to clamp the bar to the end of the bench, then go and look for something with a 1/2 inch diameter. 
Ahh... This'll work. A wire nut that's just the right size!
Then I traced around the wire nut with a marker.
Nice round mark. Now, to remove the material. I ordered the "Empennage Toolkit" from Cleveland Tool, but in the meantime I still want to get this done.
Dremel motor with a small cutoff wheel works wonders
OK, now to finish it up with the only file I have in the whole house.
Trying to keep it as vertical as I can
Then you give it to your son and have him clean it up with a scotchbrite pad in the drill press
This is what you want to end up with (the one on the bottom)